Sending events to

You can send behavioral events to from many different languages.

If you’re using a language not listed here, we’d be happy to help you integrate with our REST API or create a library that we can add to this area.

Javascript Snippet or Backend language?

The JavaScript snippet tracks basic behavior for you just by copy/pasting it onto your site. In many cases, using the JavaScript snippet will be easier to integrate with your app, but there are several reasons why sending events from your backend is useful:

  • You’re not planning on triggering emails based on how customers interact with your website (e.g. users who haven’t visited the site in X days)
  • You’re using the javascript snippet, but have a few events you’d like to send from your backend system. They will work well together!
  • You’d rather not have another javascript snippet slowing down your frontend. Our snippet is asynchronous (doesn’t affect initial page load) and very small, but we understand.

In the end, the decision on whether or not to send events from your backend or the JavaScript snippet should be based on what works best for you. You’ll be able to integrate fully with with either approach.

Supported languages