API Triggered Broadcasts - FAQ

API Triggered Broadcasts - FAQ

What does queueing mean?

When you send an API call to trigger a broadcast, we put it that broadcast in a queue. When it reaches the front, we start creating and sending messages or storing drafts depending on the sending behaviour you’ve selected. When it finishes, it drops out of the queue!

Per workspace, there is a queue limit of 5: while you can create as many API Triggered Broadcast campaigns as you like, you can't send us more than 5 triggers at one time. If you send us any more, we'll show you an error, and you can retry the rest once they're finished.

Why can't I add delays and/or time windows?

The idea behind API Triggered Broadcasts is to send one message to many people quickly or immediately, in response to an API call or a recent change. For that reason, we haven't added delays or time windows to the first iteration of the feature. That said, if you have a specific use case that necessitates time windows or delays in this campaign, please let us know!

Have questions?

This is a new feature, and we want to make it as useful and intuitive as possible! If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!

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