Sending and tracking your API Triggered Broadcasts

Sending and tracking your API Triggered Broadcasts

Once you activate your API Triggered Broadcast, it's time to send it! Here's how you do that.

Triggering Details

Once your broadcast activates, you can see details for how to send it on the Triggering Details tab in the UI, which looks like this:

Trigger details

via API

The main benefit of this campaign type— triggering via the API! You can do that with cURL:

curl<your-campaign-id-here>/triggers -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -u <your-siteid-here>:<your-api-key-here> -d '{"data":{"foo":"bar"},"recipients":{"segment":{"id":8}}}'

You'll have to replace the campaign id with the one you find on the details tab above, as well as the site ID, API key, and data you want to send. We've got a lot of details on data formatting, as well as different ways to trigger via the API

Trigger manually

If you'd just prefer to trigger the broadcast manually from the UI, you can do that from this page as well, and include any data you want to send as part of that broadcast, like this:

Manual send

Keep in mind that you should preview this data in the composer first, as we're unable to validate it for you! After hitting the Send Manually button, you'll need to confirm once more that you want to trigger the broadcast.

We have a lot more information on how to trigger this in the API documentation, as well as our developer docs, but let us know if you find yourself struggling with it!

Tracking broadcasts

Once you send, we have various ways for you to gauge the performance of the overall campaign, as well as its individual broadcasts. On your overall campaign overview page, you can view when you last triggered this (and go to that individual broadcast's page), as well as all-time metrics across all sends:

Overview metrics for API Triggered Broadcast

Sending history

In the "Send History" tab, you can view a history of all the individual instances of this API Triggered Broadcast, and how many recipients there were for each:

Sending History

Individual broadcast data

If you'd like to view an individual broadcast's performance, you can click into it from the Send History tab to see the following:

Sending History

Here, you can see the messages you've sent and their associated metrics, as well as who they went to and when.

Got questions?

This is a new feature, and we want to make it as useful and intuitive as possible! If you have any questions or feedback on data that you'd like to see, please let us know!

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