Adding Team Members to Your Account

As an admin-level user, you can add, remove, and set roles for other members of your team. Your team can help you collaborate on campaigns, help with integrations, and so on.

 Looking to get added to an existing team?

If you accidentally created a new trial account instead of getting added to your team’s existing account, you need to cancel your trial and then contact us to free up your email address so that you can be added to your team’s account.

Your email address can only be associated with one account. If your email address is already in use with a different account, and you want to access a second account, you can ask your email administrator to set up an alias address for you so that you can access multiple accounts.

As an Admin, you can add or remove team members from your account.

  1. Go to your Account Settings > Team Members page.

  2. Click Add Team Member.

    add team member
    add team member

  3. Enter the new team member’s name and email address.

    add team member form
    add team member form

  4. Select the new team member’s role: Administrator, Workspace Manager, Author, or Viewer. If you selected a non-administrator role, you can also restrict the workspaces the new team member is allowed to access.

Roles determine whether or not a team member can edit campaigns, access workspace settings, or account and billing information.

Access billing and account infocheck_circlehighlight_offhighlight_offhighlight_off
Manage Team Memberscheck_circlehighlight_offhighlight_offhighlight_off
Manage General Workspace settings1check_circlecheck_circlehighlight_offhighlight_off
Manage API credentialscheck_circlecheck_circlehighlight_offhighlight_off
Import datacheck_circlecheck_circlehighlight_offhighlight_off
Export datacheck_circlecheck_circlehighlight_offhighlight_off
Manage Message Settings1check_circlecheck_circlecheck_circlehighlight_off
Manage Sending Options1check_circlecheck_circlecheck_circlehighlight_off
Create/edit/delete Campaignscheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circlehighlight_off
Send messagescheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circlehighlight_off
View Logscheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circlecheck_circle
1All of these items appear under Workspace Settings.

 Importing and Exporting data

Import and Export options are disabled in the platform’s user interface for Authors and Viewers. However, team members can still access data (if needed) via our external API, and can interact with API keys here.

Your new team member will receive an email asking them to set their password. The link in the invitation expires after 7 days. When the new team member sets their password, they can log in and get started with


Can I make a team member a Viewer for one workspace, but an Author for another workspace? Unfortunately no. Currently, team members can only be assigned a single role across all their assigned Workspaces.

Why can’t I see all of our team members in my list? Workspace Managers, Authors, and Viewers only see team members who are in at least one common Workspace as them. If a team member seems to be missing, ask an Admin in the account to review the account’s workspace permissions.

Why can’t I see all of our workspaces in my list? Workspace Managers, Authors, and Viewers only see the workspaces they can access. Ask an Admin in the account to add or remove workspaces from a team member’s list.

Have other questions or feedback? Email to get in touch with our support team.

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