Adding Team Members to Your Account

Adding Team Members to Your Account

Looking to get added to an existing team?
If you accidentally created a new trial account instead of getting added to your team's existing account, you will need to cancel your trial to free up your email address before you can be added to your team's account.

If your email address is otherwise already in use with a different account, you will need to use an alternate email address per account. Consider asking your email administrator to set up an alias address for you to use if needed.

Are you an Admin looking to give your team members access to your account? Well this is the article for you!

To get started, click the little arrow next to your name to reach Account settings:

Account settings
then click Team Members:

Account Settings - Team Members

From there, click the "Add Team Member" button:

add team member

You'll be presented with a form which prompts you to add your new team member's first name, last name, and email address.

add team member form

You can also choose their account type: Admin, Author, or Viewer. The main difference between account types is whether or not the user can make edits and changes to campaigns, as well as access billing information. Here's a breakdown:

Admin Author Viewer
Access billing and account info check_circle highlight_off highlight_off
Team management check_circle highlight_off highlight_off
API credential management check_circle highlight_off highlight_off
Create/edit/delete campaigns check_circle check_circle highlight_off
Send messages check_circle check_circle highlight_off
Export data check_circle check_circle highlight_off
Import data check_circle highlight_off highlight_off
View Logs check_circle check_circle check_circle

Once added, your new team member will then receive an email asking them to set their password, and when they've done that, they're set! They'll be able to log in and get started with their new superpowers.

Note that the link in their invitation email will expire after 7 days so make sure they know to be on the look out for it and that they won't be out of the office for a while when you send it. :)

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