How do I add an avatar/logo to my emails?

How do I add an avatar/logo to my emails?

We occasionally get questions about how to add a specific sender image or avatar to your emails when they appear in an end-user's inbox.

By default, that image looks like this:

Sender image default

If you want to customize it, read on!

Avatars for Gmail and Google Apps

To change the avatar displayed for your email address in Gmail and Google Apps accounts, you need to first set up a Google Plus profile, then simply add your desired image as your profile picture.

Avatars for other email clients and other email clients (Thunderbird, Airmail, and Postbox, for example) use Gravatar to display this sender image. So to take full control of this avatar, create a Gravatar account, verify your email address, and choose your desired image.

Note: It may take a little while for your new image to take effect.

Testing your sender images and avatars

Test emails won't show an updated avatar. This is because they always use our email address, not the actual sender address chosen in the email you send the test from.

If you want to check how the avatar looks, you can send a single newsletter to your email address only by:

  1. Adding a profile for yourself to your account
  2. When sending the newsletter, creating a new segment that matches just that profile:

Sender image default

Then, send your test newsletter to that address to make sure your image is appearing correctly.

That's it! If you need some more help with sender images and avatars, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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