Action Conditions

Action Conditions

You can control which customers enter your campaigns with the segment or event triggers. But sometimes you might want finer-grained control than that. Choose exactly how customers run through your workflow with Action Conditions.

Action Conditions example

How do Action Conditions work?

Action Conditions are optional checks you can add to any delay or action in your campaign. The conditions are checked against the customer just before entering the delay or performing the action.

If the Action Conditions are not met, the action is skipped, and the customer continues on through the campaign. If you'd like them to leave the campaign entirely, use campaign-level filters.

When should you use Action Conditions?

Action Conditions are great when you want to manage different workflows within one logical campaign. Some examples:

  • Channel targeting: send an SMS message, but only if the customer has a phone number
  • Tailored onboarding: skip tutorial messages if your users have already completed those tasks, to keep your emails relevant
  • Segment your messaging: send custom content to users based on segment membership

There are many more possible use cases, some we haven't even thought of yet!

How to get started

You can add conditions to any action. To do so, create or edit an action, and click the "Only if conditions are met…" button:

Action Conditions: Add

This will open up the conditions editor. You can add up to four conditions, based on customer attributes, segment membership, or event data (available for event triggered campaigns only).

Actions Conditions: Editing

Click Set Conditions, then save your action to enable the conditions.

You can easily see which actions have conditions (and how many) by the Action Conditions panel on top:

Action Conditions: Example

If you want to see which conditions the action has, mouse over the filter icon on the left for a quick popover.

Action Conditions: Popover

Example campaign

Let's put it all together with an example. Think about an onboarding campaign for a blogging site with three messages:

  1. Welcome Email: Thanks for signing up!
  2. Create Profile Instructions: How to set up your blogger profile
  3. Content Suggestions: What to write about on your blog

We want to send these three messages with 2 day delays between them. But with a normal campaign workflow, there's a small problem.

What if someone signs up, then sets up their profile within two days? They'll receive a useless "How to set up your profile" message.

This is a great use case for Action Conditions. Just add a condition like created_profile does not exist on the second email and its preceding delay, and the problem is solved:

Action Conditions: Example three-message workflow

This way, if someone signs up and quickly sets up a profile, they'll receive the Welcome Email, wait two days, and then receive the Content Suggestions email. They skip Create Profile Instructions and its delay entirely.

Any questions or comments about Action Conditions? Drop us an email!

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