Account Verification

Before you can send messages through, we need to put your account through a verification process. We do this to ensure that the accounts we’re adding to our system are businesses or individuals with subscribers who really want to hear from them. It’s our way of filtering out bad actors that might attempt to abuse our services.

The result of this process is that you get great deliverability and peace of mind, while we maintain our high quality standard and integrity as an email service provider.

When to request verification

Feel free to reach out after you have had a chance to test out the features in your account and are ready to start sending live emails. Until then, sending will be disabled but you’re free to explore and get a sense for how it might work for you. While sending is disabled you can test with confidence knowing that you won’t accidentally send a live email.

Testing prior to verification

Features you can test before your account is verified:

  • Add People to your account and update their profile attributes using our API
  • Create segments to group your users into “buckets”
  • Create triggered campaigns
    • Write a few emails
    • Add Delays and Time Windows to your campaign workflows
    • Construct SMS messages
  • Customize your own Layouts
  • Create a Newsletter
  • Pass a few Events into your account using our API
  • Install our JavaScript Snippet to start logging PageViews for your signed in users

Note: All messages created or triggered before sending has been enabled on your account will not actually be sent.

How to get verified

Start by going to the ‘Send your campaign’ tab in your Setup Guide:


Let us know your URL and how you plan to use We’d love to know who your customers are and what types of messages you plan to send them! If we need more information, we’ll be sure to follow up.

Once you submit the form, you should see a success message to let you know your request has been sent to us. You will also see a notification at the top of your browser window that lets you know we’re reviewing your information.

A member of our support team will get in touch as soon as we’ve reviewed your information. They’ll either let you know you’ve been approved or they will request some additional information to move forward with the verification process.

And that’s it! Happy sending!


How long does it take? We do our best to respond to account verification requests as quickly as possible, as we know you’re eager to start sending! We don’t currently have a set time frame for responses as it will depend on the information you submit.

What happens if I’m not automatically approved? Not to worry - this just means that we need more information to verify that you are who you say you are! We’ll reach out directly and request a few additional pieces of information so we can move forward with approval.

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