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Workspaces: Managing multiple products in

This feature is available for accounts on the new Google Cloud infrastructure.

Previously, if you wanted to manage multiple products or apps in and make sure you didn’t message the wrong people, you had to create multiple accounts.

Now, with a single account, you and your team can create multiple, isolated databases of information: workspaces. No information is shared between workspaces so there’s no risk of accidentally emailing the wrong person, but your billing is consolidated for easy oversight.

What are they?

Workspaces are separate databases of people, messages, campaigns, etc. This is especially useful if you have multiple products to manage under one company umbrella. You’ll see them in the top nav:

From this menu, you can easily switch between them, or head to the Manage area to add new workspaces, edit them, or delete the ones you’re no longer using:

Here’s how to add a new workspace:

Adding a new workspace
Adding a new workspace

…or delete one:

Deleting an existing workspace
Deleting a workspace

For more details on how to use and manage workspaces, check out our docs!

What’s changed?

You’ll only see this feature if you’re on our new infrastructure. If we haven’t migrated your account yet and you’re and using the deprecated Environments feature, don’t worry — we’ll migrate your Environments data safely.


There are some visible changes to your account settings. Each workspace will have its own integration settings and API details. We’ve moved them out of Account Settings and into the main navigation, along with Email & Actions!

Integration settings
Each workspace has its own integration settings, API details, and action settings for Slack, Twilio, and others.

This way, each workspace can have its own specific actions enabled.

In your Account Settings area, you’ll be able to manage each individual workspace and handle your billing, teams, and security as normal.


No changes! As always, we’ll bill you for total profiles and messages.

Need more information?

We have more comprehensive documentation for workspaces in our Learn database.

Questions, feedback, or need a hand? We’re here for you at!