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hi there

we’re looking for a tool to help us send personalised emails. we’re auditing different tools like customer.Io and are looking for help to fit our use case to customer io.

we create personalised newsletter to our users.

each week we have a few articles to recommend to our users based on their interest. so some users will receive in a given week 5 articles, some will receive 14 articles, etc. based on how many articles are available that specific week.

we want to use the same email template for everyone, only the content of the email (the articles recommended) will vary from one user to another

every week, we have a google sheet with:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email address
  • link to article 1
  • summary of article 1
  • title of article 1
  • link to article 2
  • summary of article 2
  • title of article 2
  • etc.
    with different numb er of articles for each user

For now, we create the email manually for each user, but its taking us too much time.

We’re looking for a way to generate those emails automatically and send them to users.

I can’t manage to use to do that even using the help center

Do you think someone from your team would be available for a call to show me how to use customer io to manage our use case ?

thanks a lot

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