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Send Behavioral Email With Urban Airship Connect Integration

Communication is key to creating lasting connections with your customers — and Urban Airship helps businesses with mobile apps cultivate those quality customer relationships through push notifications, in-app messages, message centers, and digital wallets.

Now with our new partnership, you can add email to Urban Airship’s mix of mobile channels to supercharge your messaging!

Urban Airship to event data flow

Stream user actions from your mobile app through the Urban Airship Connect platform, right into to trigger email campaigns. With this ability to use event data from your app in real-time, these contextual emails are bound to be targeted, timely, and persuasive.

Your new email capabilities enable you to:

  • retarget people in a different channel based on their behavioral signals
  • expand on your mobile engagement campaigns in a richer content and media formats, addding emphasis to specific calls-to-action
  • follow up in an alternative channel for users who have turned off notifications or uninstalled an app
  • educate and engage users through onboarding campaigns and newsletters
  • deliver transactional emails like purchase receipts and confirmations

How the integration works

If you have a mobile app, you’ll integrate with to identify attributes about your users. (The UA named user should correspond to’s unique identifier.)

Once the integration is turned on and configured in the UA Dashboard, you’ll be able to send over these types of events:

  • OPEN events
  • UNINSTALL events
  • CUSTOM events (e.g., view a specific product page, made a purchase, page swipe, button push, registration, etc.)

Based on these events, you can perform complex segmentation of users and send automated emails, triggered off of these in-app activities.

What types of campaigns can I send?

Here are a few ideas of the possibilities to get your brain rolling:

  • Winback email or drip campaign after someone uninstalls
    Up to 80% of people who perform new installs typically leave after the first month. Eek! Now you can reach out to users who have recently uninstalled your app. Email people to learn why with a quick survey — or draw them back with promotional offers or by showing them what they’re missing out on.


example of uninstall trigger for a winback campaign

  • Welcome new users with a targeted welcome and onboarding series
    Send a personalized welcome for new app registration events, adding context to in-app tours and taking advantage of the content real-estate that email provides to inform new users about all the great things they can do in your app.
  • Nudge active users who haven’t purchased yet
    Use open events (like opened app at least 5 times in the last week) or custom events like a product view to send abandoned cart emails or follow up with perfectly timed and personalized offers.


example of dynamic recipient segment used to trigger campaign

  • Re-engage lapsed customers before they churn or uninstall
    Inactivity is just as powerful a signal of behavioral intent as activity. Create a segment of users who haven’t opened the app in 5 days, for example, to re-engage people and get them back into your app.


example of reengagement campaign setup

  • Send targeted newsletters
    Whether it’s announcing a new version of your app or sending out a promotional offer, base your message based on specific user behavior. For example, you could use different messaging in a newsletter to your power users versus your less engaged users.
  • Send transactional emails that are on brand
    Whether it’s a receipt for purchase, booking confirmation, or password reset, you can use to make sure your transactional emails add value to your user’s experience and provide important information for their records.

Mobile apps don’t operate in isolation, just as your customer doesn’t operate in a vacuum. By adding email to the push notifications and messages sent through Urban Airship, you’ll create a great and consistent multi-channel engagement experience that reflects the multi-channel world your customer inhabits!

Have questions about Urban Airship Connect and Shoot us a message at!