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Reach customers directly in your app with Urban Airship Actions

Urban Airship Settings

You can now add an Urban Airship-powered Action in! With a one-time configuration, begin creating campaigns that send push notifications to your users.

Introducing the Urban Airship Push Action

An Action is any message triggered via, built on top of the best services like Urban Airship.
We kept hearing that customers wanted to extend the way handles logic and behavioral messaging for email to other kinds of messages. The flexibility of Actions allows you to combine’s segmentation and rules engine with powerful features of great 3rd-party applications, all within the setting of campaigns.

With the Urban Airship push notification action, manage and measure your push notifications as easily as email.

Add Urban Airship to your campaign

Urban Airship is a mobile engagement platform and digital wallet service. We partnered with them on Urban Airship Connect, an integration that makes sending emails based on push and in-app events easy. Now you can close the loop by triggering push notifications inside and manage all your behavior-triggered communications in one place.

What Can You Do with the Urban Airship Push Action?

Push notification preview
Urban Airship workflow

Target your customer outreach and messaging by enabling Push outreach on your existing campaigns or building entirely new push-tailored campaigns.

Here are a few ideas of how you can use the Urban Airship push notification Action in

  • Escalation – Move from email to a push notification (or vice versa) if users don’t take action
  • Onboarding and engagement campaigns – Trigger messages to deepen app engagement
  • Request feedback – Ask your users to rate your app based on behavior
  • Account management – Notify users when account details change
  • Transactional messages – Send confirmations and other transactional updates

Setting Up the Urban Airship Push Action

This Action relies on the Urban Airship SDK being installed and configured in your application. ( sends messages to UA, who then delivers the push notification to your end users’ device.)

To take advantage of this Action, you’ll need to configure Named Users in Urban Airship, much like you do for Connect data delivered to To get started we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to get you, your data, and your app ready to go!

Questions, feedback, or need a hand? We’re here for you at!