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Update to viewing people

We released an update to how you view people in

Changing the name from Customers -> People

We renamed this section from “Customers -> Profiles” to “People”. I’ve never liked the term “Users” and we realize not everyone is a paying “Customer”, but everyone is a person. It’ll be up to you to define your groups like “Customers” and “App Users” in

Powerful searching by attribute

One of the improvements I think you’re all going to find extremely useful is search by “Attribute” and not just email address.

Search by attribute

So if you want to find everyone with the first_name “Colin” who also has a plan_price > $10, you no longer have to create a segment to do that. This makes on the fly querying much easier than in the past.

What’s great is that searching by attribute is fast whether you have 5 people or 5 million people in the system.

Viewing a person

Once you’ve found the person you’re looking for, there’s a redesigned overview page for you to get information about a them at a glance.
Old vs New

We’ve added activity to this view and we’re also now showing the most recent email sent. Each type of information about a user now has a more detailed view where we’ll be increasing the amount of depth we give you in to changes with every person in

The team is hard at work on some additional functionality in this area — like adding and editing people — but the framework we’ve built over the past 2 weeks is a great foundation for us to bring you a lot more value when you’re looking at people in

Check out the new profiles on the V3 Beta

P.S. A few people have written expressing uncertainty about being able switch back if they need to. You can go back and forth between the two versions of You just log in to for V3 or for V2. Switch forward or back any time you like.