Switching to Metered Pricing in Customer.io

Hi Everyone, I wanted to reach out to let you know that we’re reducing the number of pricing plans in Customer.io and moving to metered overages. This change is already in effect for new customers and will be rolled out to all existing customers within 45 days (by 5th March, 2015). You’re now going to be charged just for what you use. In almost all cases, this should mean paying us less money compared to your old plan based on profile counts. By knowing what to expect every month, the plans will be easier to understand and more responsive to your needs. We created a spreadsheet to show you different usage levels and how pricing has changed. Last time we changed pricing plans, we didn’t do a great job explaining why we did and what changed, so I wanted to make sure you had background on these changes and how they impact you.

What led to changing pricing?

We had an explosion of different pricing plans in the past year. Someone would ask us for a plan between 100k profiles and 200k profiles and we added the 150k profile plan. This happened over and over until we ended up with over 20 different plans. That was visually hard to present on a screen and led to confusion if people didn’t scroll to see that yes, we do have plans above 50k profiles. Many of you were anxious about going over your plan limit, and would write in to support when you noticed your account was over. Was everything ok? Had Customer.io shut off your sending? We also have customers with very different email sending patterns. We might have someone with 100,000 profiles sending 1 million emails a month. We might also have someone with 100,000 profiles sending 50,000 emails a month. Last year we added a metered plan for customers with over 500,000 profiles. In this plan we unbundled profiles and email after a baseline of included emails. With a success here, we’re applying the same model to other plans. We wanted to fix the underlying issues that led to people asking for plans in the middle of other plans, people asking to unbundle email volume from profiles, as well as the anxiety around your account being in good standing.

What are the new plans?

New Pricing Plans Some of the features of the new plans:
  • Pick a base plan and you’ll get credits included, then pay metered for both emails and profiles.
  • Our robots will try to save you money by automatically moving you to a larger plan when it’s cheaper.
  • The “Small Business” plan and higher will allow you to invite Team Members to manage your Customer.io account with you.

What’s the roll-out procedure?

  • In the next 2 weeks, you’ll receive system generated email for your account. The email will describe the new plan you’ll be on .
  • If you will end up paying less for Customer.io, we will automatically switch you to the new plans.
  • If you will end up paying more, we will manually review your account and reach out before any changes happen.
  • Within 45 days we’re releasing a feature to allow you to automatically delete profiles from your account based on a criteria you define.
Pricing changes can be contentious, frustrating times for customers. We’ve approached this change to try to make pricing more clear and plans more fair while also giving you more control over your account. If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out. N.B. We removed the $50/month Bootstrapper plan in November 2015. Currently, our smallest plan starts at $100/month for 15,000 user profiles and 30,000 emails (before additional metered pricing kicks in). Check out our current pricing page for more information.

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