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More Detailed and Actionable Unsubscribe Rates

A common question when someone unsubscribes from your emails is: “Which email did they unsubscribe from?”. Or “From which email did they unsubscribe?” if you want to be grammatically correct.

Now unsubscribes get attributed to specific emails and campaigns so you can get a better sense of how your messages are performing, as well as segment by unsubscribe behavior.

View your unsubscribe rate and count per email, campaign, newsletter, person, and over time.

Where to find unsubscribe rates

You’ll find the unsubscribe rate and number of people unsubscribed anywhere you see other email metrics such as opens and clicks:

  • The Dashboard
  • Triggered Campaigns: on the Overview page, unsubscribe metrics appear in the sections All-Time Metrics, Recent Metrics, and specific Email Metrics
  • for newsletters: in the Reports section

unsubscribe rate in all-time metrics

unsubscribe rate in a triggered campaign’s all-time metrics

Review specific unsubscribes

You can also view specific unsubscribes in your overall email and activity logs, as well as your emails “Sent” view. Just filter by “Unsubscribed.”

Choosing unsubscribe as log filter

Segment by unsubscribe behavior

You can also create segments based on unsubscribe activity to better target your messages going forward. To do so, create a new segment based on email behavior. Then filter for “have” or “have not” unsubscribed.

segment by unsubscribes

Check out the new unsubscribe rate metrics and let us know what you think! Leave a comment or send us an email at