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Delivery log improvements

This feature is available for accounts on the new Google Cloud infrastructure.

We’ve made a couple of changes to logs and the composer in to help you:

  • view all your deliveries at a glance
  • easily access more information about those deliveries, especially when errors occur
  • be more aware of errors before you send

Read on!

See all your deliveries, by default

Previously, delivery logs were automatically filtered for email. Furthermore, if a message failed, it wasn’t immediately clear where to click to see more information, or view the reason for its failure.

To address this, we’ve unified the logs, so that by default, you see everything:

Unified delivery logs

Emails, Slack messages, webhooks, SMS messages — whatever you’re sending (or trying to send), you’ll see all of these things together.

But if you’d like to see a specific kind of message and apply filters, you can do that by using the same menu on the left-hand side:

Delivery logs - display

More immediate message information:

You can now click on each row, to get more information about that particular delivery:

  • The campaign the message is a part of
  • Timestamps for status changes: e.g. when the message was created, sent, failed, etc.
  • Timestamps for message activity: e.g. if and when it was opened, clicked, unsubscribed, etc.
  • If the message failed, you’ll be able to see the reason

Here’s an example:
Delivery logs - display

You’ll see this functionality not just in Delivery Logs but also in Drafts, Newsletter and Triggered Campaign ‘Sent’ and ‘Draft’ tabs, and in a particular user’s ‘Sent’ and ‘Drafts’ tabs.

Improvements to composer UX

In case there are errors with your messages, we want to make sure you’re aware of them before you send. So we’ve rolled out a couple of small but helpful changes to the composer.

Better error reviewing, now with animation!

The ‘Review Errors’ button in the composer now comes with a bit more red color, and an animation to draw your eye:

Delivery logs - review errors button

Then, the modal that pops up when you click the button now has some more helpful copy. It lets you know that your message may fail to send, and also offers a link to our documentation:

Delivery logs - error modal copy

What’s next

Unified delivery logs has launched with our new infrastructure. If you don’t see the feature yet, don’t worry! It will be available immediately after your account is migrated.

The aim of delivery logs is to help you see how your messages are sending, and surface relevant information around those messages. Have thoughts on information you’d like to see? Send us a note to let us know!

Questions, feedback, or need a hand? We’re here for you at!