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Manage triggered SMS communication with Twilio Actions

Twilio Action Settings

You can now add a Twilio-powered Action in to trigger SMS messages!

Introducing the Twilio Action

An Action is a message sent via, built on top of the best tools like Twilio, that can be managed and measured as easily as email. With a one-time configuration of the Twilio Action, you’ll be able to sync your existing phone numbers and immediately begin creating campaigns that utilize SMS to reach your customers.

Our customers (you!) told us they love the way handles logic and behavioral messaging for email — and wanted to use those capabilities for other kinds of messages critical to their business. We’ve built flexible Actions on top of’s core segmentation and rules engine so that you can bring great tools like Twilio into the mix and manage them seamlessly.

Add Twilio to your Campaign

The powers of Twilio + combined

Twilio is a powerful platform for delivering phone-based communication like SMS, with great APIs and phenomenal tools for developers. We’re excited to build you a marketer control room to access and manage Twilio’s powerful features directly in

The Twilio Action removes your dependence on developers to create and manage triggered SMS messages. You get a UI that enables you to add behavioral logic with segmentation, add personalization with Liquid templating, create and manage your content, and measure results.

Twilio Campaign workflow

Here are some cool things you can do with the Twilio powered Action:

  • Escalation – Move from email to an SMS if users don’t take action
  • Reminder campaigns – Send reminders for important events like bookings
  • Account management – Confirm users’ phone numbers
  • Notifications – Send status updates for purchases or deliveries
  • Internal notifications – Send internal alerts to your team for critical issues

Getting started with the Twilio Action

Activating Twilio is easy! If you already have an account you can simply visit the Actions page in your settings, add your credentials, and we’ll sync your phone numbers.

As long as your user profiles have properly formatted phone numbers in the E.164 format, then you can start right away. If you need a little more guidance, check out our step-by-step guide for sending your first behavioral SMS.

Questions, feedback, or need a hand? We’re here for you at!