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A/B test your transactional email

One thing you’ll notice in V3 of is we killed the name “Transactional campaigns”.

What we used to call Transactional email in was an email triggered by an event. So, in V3, we’re simplifying and getting to the heart of what you’re doing. We’re renaming Transactional campaigns -> Event Triggered Campaigns.

We’ve consolidated Behavioral and Transactional in to Triggered Emails and have a unified UI. That has made it possible to share some features with Event Triggered email that were only available to “Behavioral” email before.

  1. You can now delay an event triggered email
  2. You can send multiple emails from one event
  3. You can now A/B test your event triggered emails.

Delay your event triggered email

A common request we received was to delay a transactional email by 10 minutes or so. Delaying emails was available in Segment Triggered (Behavioral Email) and is now available for Event Triggered emails.

Setting a delay

Send multiple emails from a single event

Add as many emails as you like. You could even spread them a minute apart like the example below (though that might annoy people!)

Multiple emails

To make each email unique, any event data that you sent is available for every email.

A/B test your event triggered emails

Want to see which “friend request” email gets the most people to accept? Now you can run an A/B test in an Event Triggered (transactional) email.

AB test UI

You’ll now be able to test subject lines, content and timing for your event triggered emails too.

There’s a lot more power in V3 of Event Triggered emails and by reducing complexity, it’s easier for us to improve even further.

Have a look around V3, but we don’t recommend making changes just yet: