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Before You Choose a Transactional Email Service, Read This

Email marketing is a rich source for delivering customer value.

That’s why, you deserve a transactional email service that offers your team the flexibility to trigger important messages based on your customers’ behaviors. (No more delayed order confirmation emails.)

You also don’t want to deal with complicated A/B testing or reporting systems. An email platform that can test your subject lines and track your conversion goals would make your job easier.

It wouldn’t hurt if the same platform handled transactional emails along with your other onboarding and retention messages. You want to do all your lifecycle messaging in one place.

Plus, your team wants to finally ditch coding your transactional emails. You need a service that can give your marketing team more control.

And what if you need help? You want specific answers to your questions. You’ll need a super helpful technical support engineer.

Stop tolerating your transactional email service. Work in a platform that you actually enjoy. Click here for your free trial of

transactional email service infographic

Choose Your Transactional Email Service

We know finding the right transactional email service can be a major hassle. We’re here to help you choose the best tool that will improve your team’s performance.

Break free from code. Start managing your transactional emails with Sign up for your free trial today.

Before You Choose a Transactional Email Service, Read This