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Adding Team Members to manage your account

You’re now able to invite other people (consultants, your boss, friends, coworkers, office pets) to log in to your account. This feature is available on the Small Business plan and higher.

How It Works

You’ll now see a “Team Members” tab in your “Account Settings”. If you’re on the Small Business plan or higher, you’ll be able to Add Team Members to your account:

Multiple Users in

With each team member, you can decide whether or not they’re an Admin.

Admins can:

  • Add new Team Members
  • Delete Team Members
  • Edit name and email for other Team Members
  • Request a password reset

Team Members have full access to your campaigns. The only thing they cannot do is make changes to other Team Members.

Reach out and let us know about other things you’d like to be able to do with Team Members in