Event Data: What You Need to Know

by Shayla Price

There’s power in data.

It helps your marketing team understand your customers. No more guesswork when you have actual evidence.

But with the word data tossed around so casually, it can be confusing to grasp what everyone really means. That confusion leads to frustration, not knowing how to use data to your team’s advantage.

We believe all marketers should have the technical chops to serve their customers better. That’s why, we’re looking under the hood of event data.

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9 Dunning Email Examples You'll Want to Borrow

Payment failure contributes to churn. And you don’t want that headache.

Dunning emails are an effective way to collect your payment (without nagging). These transactional emails notify users about the status of their accounts and the next steps to continue with your product.

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How to Reduce Delinquent Churn With a Dunning Email Strategy

Payment collection is rooted in ancient civilization. The first known handwritten document in Great Britain is an invoice that dates back to 57 AD.

dunning email strategy ancient invoice

An invoice dating to the first decade of Roman rule. [Source]

Sophie Jackson, a member of the Museum of London Archaeology team, told Culture 24, “It’s essentially one merchant asking to be paid 105 denarii for goods delivered.”

And while a lot has changed in how we communicate about accounts receivable, the basic notification to inform our customers hasn’t.

Today, dunning emails strike the same balance of firmness and tact that wooden tablets did. And the stakes are just as high!

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3 Profitable Businesses That Rely On Email Marketing

We often think of email as a vehicle, transporting information from your company to customers.

That email might offer the latest product updates or a helpful consumer tip. However, email also can initiate long-term brand engagement and facilitate new sales.

With 34% of Americans checking email throughout the day, your customers are probably engaging with their email more often than they are engaging with your product.

So why not make something worth your customers' time and attention?

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