3 Profitable Businesses That Rely On Email Marketing

by Shayla Price

We often think of email as a vehicle, transporting information from your company to customers.

That email might offer the latest product updates or a helpful consumer tip. However, email also can initiate long-term brand engagement and facilitate new sales.

With 34% of Americans checking email throughout the day, your customers are probably engaging with their email more often than they are engaging with your product.

So why not make something worth your customers' time and attention?

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Creating Promotional Emails That Actually Drive User Action

Customers desire better promotions. Your generic offer—that only satisfies half their needs—isn’t compelling enough.

That’s a daunting hurdle to overcome as a SaaS business. You have a diverse group of users with varying needs, from the solopreneur to the Fortune 500 enterprise.

You need a robust solution that can send customized promotional emails. Then, your tailored 15% product discounts won’t get skipped over in users’ inboxes.

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Selling with Email: How to Spot the Close of the Deal

Too often, companies blanket their lists with emails that treat everyone like a prospect who needs education, or someone unaware of the problems their product solves.

They send email after email, packed with great content and stories, and don’t get deals to close.

They forget that someone who’s aware of your product, its features, and how much it costs requires a different kind of messaging—they don’t need education, they need to be sold to.

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