Selling with Email: How to Spot the Close of the Deal

by Shayla Price

Too often, companies blanket their lists with emails that treat everyone like a prospect who needs education, or someone unaware of the problems their product solves.

They send email after email, packed with great content and stories, and don’t get deals to close.

They forget that someone who’s aware of your product, its features, and how much it costs requires a different kind of messaging—they don’t need education, they need to be sold to.

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How to Email Your Customers About a Price Increase — and Spur Sales

Telling your customers about a price increase is one of the toughest emails that you’ll send. What if all your customers get angry and leave? Hello anxiety! You might be hesitant to bring it up at all — just change the pricing page and hope nobody notices, right?

Of course, the reality is that customers will notice and get confused and angry. Failing to be up front about pricing, of all things, is no way to treat people.

Appcues — a Boston-based startup that helps software companies create personalized in-app onboarding flows — recently increased their pricing across the board to better align it with the value provided to customers. Instead of hemming and hawing, they emailed every person who’d ever signed up for Appcues to tell them about the change.

Appcues co-founder Jackson Noel describes the deliberate goals they had for their pricing emails approach:

  • Communicate the adjustment clearly to both customers and prospects
  • Inspire urgency in the sales process
  • Avoid pissing off our customers (and/or being compared to a cable company)

It worked. Not one angry response or customers lost (and only 12 unsubscribes).

More than that — these pricing increase emails ended up capturing 263% more sales, leading to Appcues’s best month ever. Here’s how they did it.

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