User Retention Emails, from Day 0 to Day 90

by Janet Choi

Retention. It’s all about saving customers who are about to churn, right?


Retention efforts start way at the beginning. From signup and onwards, healthy user retention involves proactive work—on product, marketing, analytics, and support. Email...

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7 Strategies to Make Your Lifecycle Emails Work Smarter For You

One of my favorite learning moments this year was hearing from CEO Steve Klein how getting your lifecycle emails right can increase your conversion rate and revenue to the point where you gain the breathing room to concentrate on other priorities.

Lifecycle emails give your business breathing room

In this tinselly time of year for reflection and resolutions, I’m reviewing our own lifecycle emails here at and thinking about how we can make them work smarter for us. What better time to dig through our posts from the past year to round up our best tips and strategies for creating lifecycle emails that drive customer engagement and happiness.

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What Most Marketers Are Missing in Their Drip Emails

Marketing is like gardening or farming. Whether it’s leads, new users, or paying customers — your job is to nurture newbies to develop into great big fans. Your job is to cultivate.

It’s fitting that green-thumb marketers turn to drip campaigns, which relates back to the agricultural practice of drip irrigation. As Paul McFedries explains in Word Spy:

The phrase drip marketing may sound as though it’s based on the practice of water torture, but it actually comes from the phrase drip irrigation. This is an agriculture/gardening technique in which small amounts of water are fed to plants over long periods of time.

The concept is simple: provide value and care over time to grow happy customers. The problem is that marketers aren’t using email to its full potential to do so.

Drip marketing has been around a long time in various channels, but it gets messy when it comes to email. You’ll hear these terms used interchangeably — drip emails, automated emails, triggered emails, lifecycle emails, behavioral emails, autoresponders — causing confusion and misunderstanding.

We wanted to shed some light on what modern-day, sophisticated drip emails do and how to put them to work for you.

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