How to Create Webinar Invitations that Drive Registrations

by Janet Choi

The webinar is the marketer’s party. Okay, these learning and lead-generation gatherings probably aren’t as fun without the punch bowl and perfect playlist — but at the planning stages, there’s the same fear. What if nobody shows up?

For webinars (and, presumably, parties) — it all comes down to the invitation.

Email is simply the most effective channel for promoting webinars. 2012 data from BrightTALK show 58-64% of people attending thanks to email and direct invitations. The 2013 ON24 Webinar Benchmark Report states that 80% of registrations come from a combination of email and site promotions.

Your webinar invitations also deserve their own emails. Justine Jordan, VP of Marketing at Litmus, advises that you go beyond tacking on promotional mentions on regularly scheduled marketing messages:

[S]end a stand-alone email! We used to send newsletters with webinar registration links inside, but have found that sending dedicated emails for each webinar results in many more registrations.

Georgiana Laudi, VP of Marketing at Unbounce, also reports: “70% of all our webinar registrations come via our invitation emails.” For our own upcoming welcome email webinar, we can thank our dedicated invitation emails for 76% of registrants so far.

That’s all to say — your invitation emails are vital to a successful webinar! Let’s look at how to make them super effective to bring more people to your web party.

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5 Types of Engagement Emails to Nudge Users Towards Aha Moments

Ever feel that tiny emotional tingle, that little rush, of getting a notification on your phone for a new message, an Instagram favorite, a Facebook tag?

If you’ve been a long-time Facebook user, you might’ve felt the buzz from Meenal Balar’s work firsthand. Meenal was a growth manager at Facebook from 2009 to 2014 during the company’s stage of massive global growth — and her job was to get everyone, everywhere using Facebook every day.

While email and mobile push notifications were foundational to Facebook’s engagement, Meenal’s team quickly learned that the deluge of social activity triggered notifications that had worked so well early on started to wear off. And when notifications don’t seem helpful, impactful, or delightful, they feel spammy, leading to opt-outs, unsubscribes, and even the dreaded churn.

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How to Win Back Your Lost Trial Leads

Are you ever convinced by those winback emails that lament “We miss you!”?

That particular sentence makes me cringe. There’s the misplaced focus on the business, dismissing whether I’m missing anything or not. Plus, somehow the wording always prompts the thought that it’s not really me that they miss but my money.

LUSH Winback We Miss You Email

Winback emails aim to reactivate former users and customers, but they often miss the mark because they fail to connect with and feel relevant to its recipients. It’s an awkward stage — you’re reaching out to people who have recently shown that they might not like you or want to stick around. But that’s no reason to discard those relationships or risk throwing away value and trust that you worked hard to build along the way.

So how do you get back in touch without coming off as selfish or desperate? You have to think about who you’re trying to motivate and what’s in it for them. And when it comes to reengaging trial users for SaaS and subscription businesses, that isn’t always easy.

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