3 Must-Have Triggered Lifecycle Email Campaigns

by Janet Choi

There’s a neat arts event in my Brooklyn neighborhood one weekend every year where local artists open up their studios to the public. You get to see incredible art and talk to artists where their magic happens. This year, as I found out, there were over 300 artists participating.

Even with a handy map and directory, really, where does one begin?

At the last minute, I bought a ticket to the weekend’s final curator-led tour, and I was so glad I did. Instead of hunkering down in front of my laptop that afternoon, I met 5 incredible artists, a great curator, and a very smart grade-schooler who asked all the best questions.

What does this have to do with email? Well, it’s the challenge of action in the face of overwhelming choice.

With so much to do, it’s easy to default to nothing or too much. Most of you know that lifecycle emails can provide much-needed momentum to propel people through your various funnels. But like most endeavors worth doing, we tend to want to do “all the things.”

all the things mentality

Too often, that means getting overwhelmed and stuck not doing much — or trying to do everything at once, not doing any one thing well, and losing steam.

We see this often at Customer.io. Getting started can be a struggle. So here’s a quick guide to getting started on planning effective lifecycle emails and getting your first 3 campaigns out the digital door.

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How StatusPage.io Increased its Trial to Paid Conversion Rate by 2.4x

Early on in the life of StatusPage.io, their conversion rate from trial to paid sat at 5%.

When you’re a new company, no one knows about you. You move mountains to get 100 people in the door. Thirty days later, only 5 of them become paying customers, and you have to get back to mountain-moving to bring in another 100 people. That can hurt.

The bright spot for StatusPage.io was that when prospects did dig into the product and go through the somewhat lengthy setup process, they stuck around. In the life of the company, average monthly churn has never gone above 3%, and over the last 8 months, they’ve performed at 1% churn.

The StatusPage.io team knew that they’d built a useful product that filled a real need. They just needed to get customers to really try the product to get to that realization too. So they turned their focus to improving their trial onboarding, and those changes ultimately increased their conversion rate by a whopping 2.4x from 5% to 12%.

Here’s how they did it.

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