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Small fixes: Newsletter blocking & UX improvements for segment creation

We’ve made a few small fixes recently to improve your experience with— read on to find out more about them!

1. Newsletter blocking while segments build

Previously, we allowed you to schedule or send a newsletter at any time. Now, if a newsletter’s recipient segment is still processing, we’ll let you know exactly which segments, and enable schedule/send as soon as they’re finished.

This way, you’ll be able to know before you send if there were any unexpected behaviours; for example, the recipient list turns out differently to how you expect, or if you realise that you want to change your segment rules.

Now that we’ve implemented faster processing, segments should build lightning-fast, and we hope that this change will be largely an invisible one.

2. Some tweaks to segment-creation

The segment builder is a foundational piece of It’s what enables you to make sure the right messages get to the right people. To that end, we’ve made some small UX tweaks to the process that hopefully have large-scale positive impacts!

New segments and groups start empty

We’re making no assumptions: instead of “created_at is a timestamp” or “login has been performed”, newly-created segments will now start empty:

New segment

Similarly, new condition groups also start empty. We also remove the “Add Condition” button, and auto-expand the menu for you to make it faster to add your conditions:

New group in segment

Delete the last condition in a group

Previously, for the last condition in a group, you had to collapse it or change its type; now you can simply delete it if you need to:

Delete last condition in group

After saving, go back to the segment overview page

When you save an edited segment, you’ll now go back to that segment’s overview page (rather than to the segments list). This way, you can immediately see the effect of your changes:

Saving edited segments

Empty condition groups are invalid

Because of segments’ importance, we want to make sure that you’re aware of all the changes you’ve made. If you have an empty condition group at the end of your segment, you can’t save your segment:

Invalid group

If you’ve got any feedback on these changes or have any questions, reach out at!