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React intelligently to customer needs with triggered Slack Actions

Slack Action settings

We’re excited to announce that you can now use Slack Actions in! Send messages into Slack, automated with rules on app user and behavior data.

Hello, Slack Action!

An Action is any message triggered via, built on top of the best services (like Slack!). For years, those messages were limited to email. Now, with the flexibility of Actions, you can combine’s segmentation and rules engine with popular 3rd-party applications, all within the setting of your campaigns. You can add multiple types of Actions to a campaign, and they’ll be managed and measured as easily as email.

Slack excels at enabling team communication, and excels at helping you talk with your customers. Combine these two superpowers — send internal team notifications into Slack, based on user activity in your product or app.

What Can You Do with Slack Actions?

Improve transparency by surfacing important behaviors directly to your team.

The Slack Action helps your teams work better together by transmitting actionable data directly into Slack, all customized to your needs. Boost responsiveness, awareness, alignment, and opportunities for collaboration in customer service, support, success, marketing, sales, and other areas.

Add Slack to your campaign

Once the Slack Action is configured, you’ll be able to drop a Slack message into a campaign as easily as Email and Webhooks. Here are a few examples of useful notifications you’ll be able to see right in Slack:

  • New signups – identify high value customers as soon as they sign up
  • Onboarding performance – get notified of users who bounced from your onboarding
  • Opportunities for proactive support – respond to low NPS scores quickly
  • Signs of churn – see who hasn’t logged in, didn’t perform a high value task, etc.

Slack post example

Setting up the Slack Action

Activating your Slack Action is easy! Visit the Actions page in your settings and click to enable.

Read our docs for a step-by-step guide to turn on the Slack Action and sending your first triggered Slack message.

Questions, feedback, or need a hand? We’re here for you at!