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How we’re doing – six months in

Doing business with a new company is a two sided proposition and you should be aware of the risks and rewards.

On the plus side, you’ll probably get a personal reply from me, the CEO if you write me an email. We’re building a product to serve you and your needs will have a higher influence over where we’ll ultimately go.

On the negative side, most startups fail. And when you’re trusting a company to provide you a service, you should absolutely be wary that young companies are likely disappear.

We’re working our hardest to make sure that isn’t us.

We’re six months into building a lasting company

John and I started working full time on in April after working together for 2 years prior. We added Asha Gupta to the team in July. We have some great people supporting us including respected Angel investors and 3 of our former bosses. We have an Angel list profile if you’re interested in who everyone is.

Revenue is solid and increasing

We’ve charged people from day 1. On April 1st, we had 5 paying customers. And we’ve worked to improve the product so it’s even easier for new people to sign up and get value out of the product.

Here’s what our revenue looks like:

Stripe revenue

This is a screenshot from Stripe, our payment processor (with values removed).

We’re a software as a service business and in simple terms, if we sign up new customers who pay us every month and get value for their business from our software, then that number goes up.

We signed up more customers in September than in any previous month, and that’s a trend I plan to help continue.

We exist to help you (and your company) be badass at email

I wrote last week to the 1000+ people who receive our wednesday email writers workshop about a talk by Kathy Sierra from the Business of Software conference.

The talk crystalized a lot of the work we are already doing.

Whether it’s the work we’re doing building a delightful product to help marketers send sophisticated emails that they couldn’t do before.

Or the work on email content education to help companies better communicate with their customers and form genuine relationships.

Or the work our Data Scientist is doing to understand what happens in aggregate to emails after they get sent with the goal of rolling that back into the product to make it “smarter” out of the box.

All of this is to help you be badass at email.

To our existing customers:
Thank you for your trust and support.

To our future customers:
We can’t wait to hear your success stories.

  • Colin, CEO