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September Release Notes

September was multi-channel month! Two of our headline changes involve being able to test and measure the success of not just emails, but all message types—we’ve got metrics and A/B tests for all channels, campaign tagging, and a host of smaller features and improvements. This includes more data for attribute updates, which was one of the projects we did during our Fall Retreat!

Multi-channel metrics and A/B tests!

Metrics became multi-channel. In your campaign’s overview page, you can now view metrics for all messages of a given type, as well as each individual email, push notification, or SMS:

What’s more, all message types now have A/B tests! We covered this in detail in our last blog post, but it’s definitely worth shouting out one more time!

Campaign tags!

You can now tag your campaigns and filter them using those tags with a new-and-improved Campaigns page:

We also wrote about this in a blog post earlier this month. Check it out for more details!

New features & enhancements

  • We continued ongoing improvements to the code of our Settings pages—this month, we improved Team Settings as well as the Security (2FA) sections. Mostly behind-the-scenes stuff, but a few copy changes for clarity, too!
  • One of our hack projects at our Quebec retreat was a small-but-powerful feature which allows you to see who or what was behind a data change:

  • We rolled out an update to the our read API that adds a new created_by field to the campaigns call.
  • Our delivery and activity log rows were not clearly clickable, so we added a little icon at the end to (hopefully) better indicate that:
  • Added a new {{ unsubscribe_address }} variable, in order to enable use of our List-Unsubscribe headers when you’re also using your own subscription centre
  • For our paid customers, we now send out test messages from your configured from address.
  • We now support exporting newsletter templates!
  • We now support full-resolution email activity webhooks, as well as the ability to view and rotate signing keys for those webhooks!

A few bug fixes of note

  • Fixed our error message when a recipient email address is missing—it’s now much more helpful.
  • Returned the “Export to CSV” button for all delivery types and drafts!
  • Fixed a few validation issues with our APNs configuration for Push, as well as our error message in the Push composer when sending a test before Push is fully configured.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug where our Delivery Log showed “Queued” well after the message was sent; no more!

We’ll see you next month! In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter.

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