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Introducing Read-Only and Author User levels

This product announcement might include some outdated information. For the most up-to-date information on User Permissions, check our docs.

Sometimes you want to involve more team members in your campaigns—in creation, reporting, and analysis. However, you may not want everyone with access to the platform to be able to make edits to campaigns or billing information, which we’ve heard from customers like you in the past.

Today, we’re introducing Account Types, which includes a Read-Only user as well as an Author. This is a change from our previous Admin/Non-Admin model, to give you more flexibility as you add new team members.

New user permission options when adding team members

As an admin, when you add a new team member, you can now choose a Type: Administrator, Author, or Viewer, depending on your needs.

Action conditions added to a slack message

A few use cases to add someone as Viewer: for people reviewing and approving copy, analysts looking at campaign metrics, or new team members going through your onboarding process.

This isn’t a one-time choice, either. You can always change a user’s account type, up or down. For example, once your new team member is onboarded and knows how works, you can make them an Author or an Admin. Similarly, you can turn any Admin into an Author or Viewer.

Who can do what?

The main difference between account types is whether or not the user can make edits and changes to campaigns, as well as access billing information. Here’s a breakdown:

 Access billing and account infoTeam managementCreate/edit/delete campaignsSend messagesExport dataView logs

The team members page in your Account Settings area will look like this, with the new Type column:

Team members page

How does this affect your existing account?

It’s pretty simple: if a team member was a non-admin previously, they will now be an Author. Admins retain all admin powers, and the responsibilities that come with them!

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