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Push notifications for iOS and Android

We’ve released a new message type: mobile push notifications for both iOS and Android, with all of’s personalization powers.

We want you to be able to communicate thoughtfully with your customers, no matter the medium. For example…

  • Combine messages: Send a follow-up email if a push notification doesn’t drive a conversion
  • Act on event data: when a user enters a specific area, send a push to tell them about areas of interest nearby!
  • Be platform-aware: Let users know via push when you release features specific to their platform!

And that’s just scratching the surface. Read on to learn more, including how to get started!

Getting set up

Push now has its own spot in our Email & Actions area of

From there, you can enable push notifications for Android, iOS, or both. This will entail some engineering-focused changes to your app:

  1. Enable push notifications for your app if you haven’t already
  2. Add certificates to
  3. When customers launch your app, identify the device with us
  4. Use events and identify calls to send us data, exactly as you normally would.

We’ve got detailed instructions for this at our Knowledge Base and API docs. Once you’re integrated, anyone (no coding expertise required) can start creating, previewing, and testing push notifications just as you would any message in

Managing users’ devices

We’ve also added a new ‘Devices’ area to each Person page, so that you can manage and view different devices (and their identifying tokens) for everyone in your database:

A few things to remember

  • There are some best practices to consider when it comes to the size of push notifications.
  • You can send to all of a customer’s devices by default. But you can also send to their last used device, a specific token, or even use a Liquid variable!

Got feedback?

We’re very excited and very proud to roll this feature out today! If you’d like to learn more, we’ve documented it on our Knowledge Base and are actively looking for your feedback. Here are a few questions to guide you, as you’re building your notifications…

  • Does the editor offer you everything you need to compose your push? If not, what’s missing, and what kind of message would it help you create?
  • Can you easily measure the success of your notifications after you start campaigns? If not, how would you ideally measure their performance?
  • Is personalization and adding customer data intuitive for you? Does it look as you expect when you test it?
  • Is our copy clear? How about our documentation? Can we improve any of it?

Let us know at!