The dumbest thing has done to date

This post was originally sent as an email Hello Friend, Believe it or not, when John and I started, we were scared to send you email. We thought: “We’ve got one shot at emailing you to check out our product. Let’s make it perfect”. Not communicating with you is the dumbest thing we’ve do…

How we built our HTML email editor using liquid, wysihtml5 and premailer

How we took principles from Jekyll and applied them to our email editor.

The Lean Comedian

How Aziz Ansari uses lean techniques to tell funnier jokes.

Don’t use on emails

Why you should never use noreply when you send emails.

Legal, Healthcare, Accounting and Payroll

We’re about 1.5 months in to building and we’ve had pain we’ve had to overcome with supporting services. Some we expected. Some we were surprised to find. Here’s how I wish our supporting services were: Healthcare Think Hipmunk for Healthcare You’re able to compare each plan apples to apples. Pick the one w…

Setting up a virtual pbx with Twilio, OpenVBX and PHP Fog

Having a phone number increases conversions. We built our own Virtual PBX using Twilio, OpenVBX and PHP Fog.

4 ways we learned we are building the right thing

How to find prospective customers and reach out to them to

How to pretend you’re always working with email

How to delay emails to deliver them at the optimal time

Churn Rate Reduction with Retention Emails

Reducing your customer churn rate by targeting at risk customers with a retention email
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