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Data: Here are open and click rates for this email list

Last night there was a packed room at the class “How to write emails people will read” at General Assembly. We went way over time deep in conversation about email. They eventually kicked us to the curb to continue the conversation. It still blows my mind when people introduce themselves and say they attended because of this email list. Thank you.

One of the things people seem to value in a presentation is real data. Today… for you… I’ve got some never-before-seen real data.

Here are open rate and click rate for this list for the past 17 emails

As the list has grown, you guys haven’t opened emails like you did in the early days when opens were over 50% and the list was tiny. But that’s ok.

Note: The 23% click through was when I forced you to click through to read the content. People hated that!

I’ll leave you with two questions:

  1. Can you draw any conclusions from the data?
  2. How do your stats compare?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy emailing,

P.S. Team will be in San Francisco all next week. Mon – Wed we have a table in the “Demo Pit” at the Launch conference. Thursday we’re open. We’d love to meet you – so stop by our table or email me if you’d like to meet up.