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October Release Notes

Did you have a cup of java to celebrate International Coffee Day in October? Our team celebrated with a global coffee exchange. With elevated energy levels, we were focused on speeding up the workflow builder and adding the final touches to some upcoming (and BIG!) features that we’re not quite ready to reveal yet. In the meantime, read on to learn what we improved last month.

What’s New?

Fast and Space-Efficient Visual Workflows

We love seeing the complex workflows you’re building in, but sometimes they took a few seconds too long to load and required a bunch of scrolling. This past month, we rebuilt the algorithm that renders our workflows. The new builder loads complex workflows 3 times faster than before and organizes them efficiently so you can navigate without tons of zooming in and out.

Side-by-side image comparison of old vs new visual workflow builder.
Old vs New

Commenting for Drag and Drop Emails

Ever want to leave feedback for the designer of an email? You can now write comments for yourself or collaborators directly within the Drag and Drop email editor. Click on any Row in the editor, then tap on the chat bubble to add comments.

The chat icon is displayed to the left of the delete icon.

Custom Column Layouts for Drag and Drop Emails

It’s now possible to set a custom number of columns for layouts in the Drag and Drop email editor, rather than be restricted to a few presets. From the editor, select the entire row to alter the number of columns, background color, and padding.

Add new customize columns by taping the purple [+ Add new] button.

Smaller Improvements

  • We added automatic language detection on the unsubscribe page. Visitors will now be presented with a translated unsubscribe page based on their browser’s language settings.
  • When creating a new email, we now show you the list of Layouts so you can use them as starting points with one click. Find this in the “Rich text” and “Code” tabs when adding message content.
  • Your list of manual segments can now be sorted by the date they were imported.

We’ll see you next month! In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter. Questions? Comments? Send them over to