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October Release Notes: Manual Segments and Data Index

We released two new features this month! Introducing manual segments and the data index, both of which aim to give you more insight, visibility, and control in

Manual Segments

We created manual segments for situations where you need more hands-on control when it comes to grouping people, or when your integration isn’t ready yet, but you need to send messages.

You can use our data-driven segments, as always, but manual segments allow you a greater degree of control when targeting a fixed group of people. In addition to a UI which allows you to create these segments, we also have API endpoints to add and remove people from them.

Data Index

Our new Data Index feature allows you to get a full picture of all the data available in your workspaces.

You can see and search through all of the events and attributes you have, and see exactly how and where each one is being used.

Enhancements and fixes

  • Multilingual unsubscribes. While this isn’t a custom unsubscribe page, you can now send people to a translated version of our unsubscribe landing page by using the liquid {% unsubscribe_url lang="LANGUAGECODE" %} where LANGUAGECODE is an ISO-639 language code. For example, {% unsubscribe_url lang="es" %} for Spanish. We’ve documented this for you here!
  • Plaintext preview. You can now preview your emails in plaintext, by selecting this option in the composer:
  • We rolled out a few on-the-fly fixes to our newsletter infrastructure.
  • Made some small copy changes throughout the app: we’re more than email, but some of our copy is still a little too e-mail focused!
  • We were converting id or phone attributes to datetimes on the People dashboard—we don’t anymore!
  • When importing people (when you mapped an attribute) the dropdown options didn’t update correctly. That’s now fixed as well!
  • New export endpoints allow you to create exports through our API!

Happy Halloween!

We’ll see you next month! In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter.

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Contributors: Kevin, Matt, Stephen, Matthew, Ian, Ivana, Madeline, Kristina, Kate, Swastik, Jatin, Brian, Adrian.