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October Release Notes

Here’s what’s new and improved in lately! We released an easier way to build and customize emails, updated newsletters to allow you to send to unsubscribed folks when necessary, and added options for invoice and technical contact email address specifications.

Responsive Layout Starters

To make it easier to build and customize responsive emails, we developed Layout Starters: basic arrangements of building blocks — a logo, a headline, social media links, etc. — that you can use as a base to customize your email layouts. You’ll see these each time you click ‘Create Layout’.

Check out our full announcement about Layout Starters and detailed docs on how to use them.

Send Newsletters to Unsubscribed Users

On rare occasions, you need to reach out to users who have unsubscribed from your emails with service-related and security messages. When this comes up, you can override our default setting to send newsletters to unsubscribed recipients.

A word of caution: this is for those exceptional moments when it’s imperative to get in touch with people even after they’ve said they don’t want to receive any more emails from you. (We reserve the right to terminate your account if you violate anti-spam laws!)

Invoice email and technical contact customization.

Many of you ask that we send your invoice to a specific email address rather than to the person who originally created your account. But of course! So we’ve added an option into your account settings to specify a billing email address. We also added a spot for a primary technical contact’s email address so that we can reach the right person in cases of technical issues.

Head here to set those up for your account!

Bugs Squashed:

  • The Review Links modal supports the tel: protocol. You’ll stop seeing an error pop up when reviewing a tel:link with a telephone number, since they’re perfectly valid!
  • We made our in-app help form more reliable. Customers were reporting that they didn’t get our replies when requesting help via our in-app form, making no party very happy. We’ve made this interaction more reliable and return an error in case the request fails to come through.
  • No more “invalid CSV” error when you’re trying to upload a CSV file (with commas and quotes in one row and more than one row) for a newsletter.

# GCE-only

For those of you on our new Google Cloud infrastructure (if you see in the app, you’re on GCE)

  • You can now round to a desired decimal place using Liquid. That’s 100.000% neat!
  • When scheduling a newsletter, our UI now accounts for Daylight Savings Time. (Whew, time zones are hard!)
  • Google Cloud customers will no longer be charged overages when using a custom SMTP.
  • Filtering on the People page won’t return a 400 error when you press ‘Enter’!
  • Email Layouts will only show layouts for the workspace you’re in, instead of all of them from everywhere.
  • A domain’s CNAME validation now saves correctly when a particular domain gets updated or removed.

Notable & New Docs:

Oh, and we’ve also upgraded to Ember version 2.16. This speeds up our feature-building and testing workflow, meaning we ship improvements to you that much quicker!

As always, we’re all here to field your thoughts, questions, and feedback! Send them to us at or @customerio!