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November Release Notes

Our goal at is to help you consolidate all your bulk and automated messages so you have a single picture of all your customer communications. Continuing on this mission, we launched a new way to send transactional messages: now you can send messages directly from code using our Transactional API. Read on to find the details about everything we shipped!

What’s New?

Transactional Emails

Our new Transactional service lets you send emails by calling our API. We built this service on its own sending lanes and provided a dedicated transactional IP pool, ensuring the highest possible deliverability. Before this release, your only option for sending transactional messages was to send events that trigger campaigns. 

Message content can optionally be stored in to enable editing the transactional messages without making changes to your codebase. The service also includes an option to protect sensitive content, like password reset tokens, in transactional messages to reduce risk of misuse. 

You’ll find Transactional in the main navigation of your account and you can learn more in our Transactional API docs.

Select "Transactional" in the navigation menu to send your first message.

Manually Send Events

Now you can send events to a profile directly through the UI to test and troubleshoot campaign workflows as well as Liquid logic messages. Use the “Send Event” feature on a Campaign Trigger, a Person’s page, the Activity Log, or the Data Index to send a real event without going to the command line!

Manually sending an event is simple. Enter event name and event data (optional), then click the "Send event" button.

13 New Liquid Filters For Your Personalization Toolbox

Liquid helps you personalize messages by injecting data and logic into your messages. We’ve added support for thirteen new filters: where, compact, at_least, at_most, concat, url_decode, sort_natural, url_encode, pluralize, remove, strip, lstrip, rstrip.

Compose Left-Aligned Drag and Drop Messages

You can now change the alignment of your entire message in the drag and drop editor. In many cases, left-aligned messages feel more conversational—they’re more like messages your audience composes in their own email clients.

In the drag-and-drop editor, you can select "LEFT" or "CENTER" to align the content area.

We’ll see you next month! In the meantime, follow on Twitter to get updates about the latest releases and improvements. Questions? Comments? Send them to