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November Release Notes

November is a month we are definitely thankful for. It delivered giant balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Cyber Monday sales, a new webhook feature, and more!

What’s New?

Set Attributes from Webhook Responses

We are excited to announce that you can now use Webhook Responses to set people’s attributes. This allows you to retrieve data from an endpoint and use it in your future messages. To get started, navigate to the campaign visual workflow builder, edit webhook, go to the ‘Response’ tab and click the ‘Set up an attribute’ button.

Pro Tip: You can use this feature to increment the lifetime_value of a person based on their purchases.

Workflow Metrics

You asked for more metric granularity, and we listened. Workflow Metrics allow you to see deliverability metrics within the context of your visual workflow. Each metric appears on the bottom of the workflow item. Additionally, you have the flexibility to select which metric(s) you’d like to view and the time period displayed.

Visit the docs page to read more about Workflow Metrics.

Smaller Improvements

  • We shipped new IP sign in notifications. If you sign in from an IP address we don’t recognize, we’ll send you an email to confirm it was you.
  • For additional security, we encrypted webhook URLs and headers.
  • Sibling subdomains are allowed to be used as link domains.
  • Increased the event request limit to support more than 4MB.

We’ll see you next month. In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter. Questions? Comments? Send them over to