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November 2017 Release Notes

Here’s what’s new and improved in in November!

In Case You Missed it…

Here is a quick overview of the larger updates to this month:

Smaller-but-no-less-important updates

# Building segments with event attributes is less confusing

We removed the options to specify “is a timestamp before/after” conditions on event attributes in the segment builder. Customers told us this option was confusing, and we agreed. It didn’t behave as you expected it to, because evaluates event attribute filters when the event is received, not as time passes. There were also no use cases that these options enabled, so we removed them!

If you currently have segments using these two conditions, you’ll be able to change them. You then won’t be able to select these conditions again:

error if you try to specify "is a timestamp before/after" conditions on event attributes

The filter option will still be available for use for event-triggered campaigns.

Need a hand re-doing segments using “is a timestamp before/after” filtering on event attributes? Let us know!

# Liquid additions

We added a titlecase filter so that You Can Convert A String To Title Case — as well as a delivery_id tag.

The Sample Data ‘Add’ button now works in the Subject field in the email editor. And we fixed a bug where the ‘Add’ button would introduce incorrect Liquid for attributes with forward slashes or dots in the name.

# Improving People Search

The search function on the People page in GCE works in two ways: you can search by email address — or you can search by segment and attribute filters. You can’t do both at the same time.

We wanted to make the interface reflect this more clearly. Now there’s a toggle to switch between the two modes of searching. Toggling will also clear your current search.

searching for people

Bugs Squashed

We squashed lots of little bugs, too!

Display issues:

  • We fixed a character-encoding issue in our Subject lines which sometimes turned special characters (like em-dashes or letter with umlauts) into different text, depending on your email provider.
  • Made fixes for when a workspace is set to “Does not send messages” and the deliveries were showing up un-rendered in our UI
  • The pop-up save bar now no longer overlaps the bottom of the email composer! (We thought it was totally annoying too.)
  • Fixed a small bug where line breaks weren’t displaying properly when previewing Twilio SMS actions.

Metrics issues:

  • We made sure not to send secondary metrics (such as BCC) to the activity logs.
  • Fixed a caching issue where exporting some delivery metrics didn’t have values that matched the UI.

Everything else:

  • Some newsletter scheduling with 30- and 45-minute offsets was causing errors for some customers. We told the errors to get out of here.
  • You can add a newsletter name and id to the webhook payload.
  • We don’t let you delete a segment if we detect that it’s being used in at least one campaign or newsletter. But there was a bug that wouldn’t allow you to edit the segment after this unsuccessful delete. Now you’ll get to the edit page instead of getting stuck on an unhelpful error message.
  • Your invoices are now styled when you print them!
  • We now safely handle {“attachments”: null} for event-triggered emails.

And we also made some performance optimizations to attribute rendering, deleting old drafts, and our plaintext generator. is also just a little bit faster!

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