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New feature alert: Multi-channel A/B Tests

A/B testing isn’t just for email anymore. Say hello to multi-channel A/B tests: all of our email testing capabilities now extend to your push notifications and SMS messages as well!

What’s new?

We’ve added a lot, but changed very little in terms of the user interface you already know (if you’re familiar with’s A/B testing). The same way you’d add an A/B test for an email, you can now do for Push and SMS messages—with the click of a button.

This applies to Push, Urban Airship Push, and Twilio SMS. For Push, you can also choose which platform your entire test sends to—Android, iOS, or both!

Then, you can check in on your A/B tests’ performance—as you always do—in the A/B Tests tab of your campaigns:

Got feedback?

Help us improve A/B testing! Here are a few questions you can help us answer:

  • Tell us what you think the next steps for testing should be!
  • Something you need to do, but we don’t support? Tell us about your use case!
  • Was a particular part of the interface difficult to find or understand?
  • Any unexpected behaviour?

If you need documentation, it’s here, and as always, we’re here to listen if you’ve got questions or need a hand at!