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New account onboarding

Over the years the first experience users have in has remained relatively unchanged. Our welcome page appeared when you first signed up, gave you a greeting, linked to a few articles of documentation, and if you navigated away there was no easy way to get back. Its time for our new account experience to start better preparing our new users to be effective with

The old welcome page

A new welcome

Our new setup guide replaces our welcome page and adds a lot more helpful information and instruction directly in the dashboard, along with progress indicators, and shortcuts to learning resources.

New setup guide

This new experience should help users walk through the process of getting set up in a more directed way and without having to immediately leave the app to get more information.

Progress indicators

See what’s left to do in the setup guide from anywhere in the app with our handy progress bar. We’re currently keeping track of how many people you’ve created in the app and your account approval status as our setup guide milestones.

Progress bar

And see your goals in more detail when you explore the guide.

Onboarding goal

Helpful shortcuts

We’re also making it easier to get started using our API and technical resources with instructions and code you can copy and paste to the terminal right from our guide.

Onboarding API shortcut

Better onboarding isn’t just an improvement for new customers, when new customers are able to get started more easily our team is freed up to to help our existing customers more effectively too.

Is there something you wish we had in our onboarding? Let us know at!