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You Can Now Configure as an mParticle Feed

mParticle users rejoice! Before,’s mParticle integration only allowed to receive data from mParticle. Now, can be set up to send your customer and messaging data back to mParticle as a feed, unifying your data all in one place.

The Data We Send Back to mParticle

In just a few clicks, you can configure to start sending event data back to mParticle. Here’s what you’ll see returned in the feed:

  • Customer Subscription Events
  • Email Events
  • Push Events
  • SMS Events

You can find the full list of events and event attributes here.

Setting up as a Feed

We’ve made it super simple to set up the mParticle feed inside of Simply navigate to the integrations tab in the app, search for “mParticle”, click on the “mParticle Source” tile, enter your server key and secret key, then click “Connect mParticle”. That’s it!

For more details, check out the setup guide and documentation: Integrating with mParticle.

What You Can Do Once You Integrate 

By integrating mParticle and to send data in both directions, you’ll have a more complete and detailed picture of how your users are responding to your business and messaging strategy in real-time across multiple touchpoints.

  • Analyze message performance alongside behavioral data
    Now that you can configure as the Source, you have the ability to pass Email, SMS, and Push event data back to mParticle to analyze these metrics for additional strategic exploration and planning.
  • Widen the landscape of relevant information
    With data continuously funneling into, you can segment and send personalized messages based on what users do, or don’t do, in your apps.
  • Preserve segment memberships
    Whether you’re creating segment audiences in or in mParticle, you can programmatically maintain which groups of people you’re communicating with to ensure parity across multiple tools.

If you’re looking to expand your actionable data without adding additional tools (or involving engineers), enable as a feed to mParticle and start improving your user communications today.

Have questions or want to share how you’re using as a Source or Destination? Send us an email at!