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The 3-panel modern email composer

It may take you by surprise the first time you’re pulled in to the email composer’s vortex of focus. Like a good book, the rest of the world falls away and you’re absorbed by your singular task.

3 panel composer

If you have a sufficiently large desktop, we’re going to show you a 3-panel view with Data, Content, and then a Preview. This gives you everything you need to edit confidently and see what the result is going to look like.

But don’t worry if you’re traveling or on a small laptop screen. We’ll switch to a 2-panel view to make sure your content has room to breathe.

The biggest wins you’re going to get

We heard from a lot of customers that the things they the did most were often cumbersome. We took all of your feedback and reimagined a new model for how to create emails in We think you’re really going to like these changes:

  • Automatic sample data – You no longer need to pick someone. You’re starting your message with sample data already available. You can always change to someone specific if you like too.
  • Simpler “send a test” – We pulled this common action up front so it’s always there. You’ll get the email you see in the preview sent to the email address you choose.
  • More useful data viewer – Was it firstname? or first_name? or FirstName? The new data preview makes it easy to see attributes are available as well as what the data is for each of them. You’re more confident now when you pick an attribute.
  • Automatic design preview – We update the preview of your message as you’re making tweaks and changes. There’s no switching back and forth or button to press. Everything you see is up to date.

These are just a few of the features that make the email composer our simplest, most powerful way to build an email yet.
To try it out, log in to your account and create or edit an email.

Send us your thoughts and questions at or @customerio!