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May Release Notes

Cinco de Mayo fell on a Taco Tuesday this year, and we were pretty excited about it. Do you know what else has us jumping up and down? The ability to view segment membership counts over time. Read on to learn what other new features we shipped in May.

What’s New?

Segment Membership Metrics
We now track the number of people who have been in your segments over time. This lets you understand the performance of anything you create a segment for! For example, you can see a chart of the number of recently engaged customers, people who received a certain message, or how many have unsubscribed.

You’ll find these metrics on the “People” tab for any of your segments, including a daily and weekly breakdown of how many people entered or left. For any segment that you’d like to keep a particularly close eye on, select it from the dropdown on your Workspace Dashboard so it will be the first thing you see every time you log in.

Stop, Restart, and Archive Campaigns
We’ve introduced a new set of tools for managing the lifecycle of your campaigns. Use these when you need to wind down a current campaign or to archive campaigns you’re no longer using.

  • Stopping a Campaign will immediately prevent new people from entering the campaign and offer a choice to either exit everyone or let them finish normally. You can restart the campaign anytime.
  • Archiving a Campaign will remove it from your Active list and prevent it from running or being changed. It is still kept in a new “Archived” tab so you can reference the metrics or restore the campaign at a later date.

You’ll find these controls in Campaign Actions dropdown on your Campaign overview page. For more details, check out the docs.

Smaller Improvements

  • We simplified the process of configuring a Data Warehouse Sync. You can now request access to this feature directly from the Integrations page in your account. For more info, check out our docs here.
  • Your Billing History page now highlights the most recent invoices and overage details so they’re quicker to find.

What’s Next?

We’ve begun an early beta test for a new feature we’re super excited about. It’s called “Collections” and it lets you store data sets that can be queried in campaign workflows for use in your messages. Interested in trying it out? Drop us a note at and let us know!

In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter. Questions? Comments? Send them over to