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May Release Notes: Design Refresh in Beta

We are excited to share that we’ve introduced a refreshed UI design in beta to improve ease of use and reflect’s new branding.

Our goal with the design refresh was to create an experience that helps you focus your time on tasks that matter most. We introduced our new design as a beta so you have some time to choose when you try it and can give us some feedback before we replace the old UI.

Keep an eye out for a blog post later this summer discussing our process for making these changes. For now, read below for what’s currently available in our refreshed UI. We’d love for you to give it a try and send us your reactions!

What’s New?

  • Colors, type, and icons
  • Navigation
  • Account and Workspace settings
  • Page layout design
  • Notifications

Colors, Type, and Icons

You’ll now see purple represented as the primary color in the platform. In addition to the new color palette, you’ll see new typography and icons. The workspace color is now a full width bar at the top of each page.

Navigation Changes

The left navigation is now structured into these headers: Messaging, Audience, and Data. This organizes our pages by related activities so you find what you need with ease.

Account Settings

All of the settings that apply across your entire account are now located on the upper right under your name and your company name. This dropdown allows you to access both your Personal and Account settings.

Workspace Settings

All of the settings that apply only to one Workspace are now collected in a single spot. Message Settings and other workspace-specific options like name, color, and delivery settings have been combined into Workspace Settings on the left navigation.

In the workspace dropdown, we let you know if that workspace is able to deliver messages or not by adding “Does not send messages” under the name.

Page Layout Design

For anyone who nerds out on UI design: all of the pages now use a gray background with page sections organized on a grid with white cards representing the distinct types of information presented. This makes the page hierarchy clear so it’s quick to spot exactly the tools that you need.


You’ll now see a bell icon in the global navigation to alert you to any new notifications. This is also where you’ll go to see your task list. Next to that, you’ll see a help icon to easily navigate to Docs, as well as have the opportunity to contact support or send us feedback.

Smaller Improvements

  • Manual segments can now be used in Wait Until actions
  • API Triggered Broadcast pagination and tab counts have been updated to reflect the most accurate number. Before, we would only show up to 20 in a list.
  • API Endpoints for messages, campaigns, customers, and newsletters have been updated so you query for actions rather than templates. The old endpoints were not removed to avoid breaking code you have that uses them.
  • When saving a segment, the create buttons are disabled. This ensures you don’t accidentally create the same segment 30+ times!

What’s Next?

During the beta period, we’ll be launching a new workflow builder! We’re carefully listening to all the feedback you’re send us during the beta. Once we’ve worked through your feedback, we’ll notify you when the old design will be retired and no longer accessible.

In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter. Questions? Comments? Send them over to