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May Release Notes

New Features!

Here’s a quick summary of the new features and improvements that we released in May:

People Imports: Yes! You can now upload lists of people (and people attributes) into your account! Here’s documentation on uploading people via CSV, including how to prep your file, upload, and troubleshoot.

Copy workflow items between campaigns and workspaces! No need to recreate emails, any other workflow items, or even whole campaigns, from scratch if you’d like to use it again!

Link checker: This quick-as-a-click tool ensures that all links in your message are working as you expect, without having to test each one from the preview or a test message. Here’s how the link checker works.

Archive layouts that you don’t use anymore. They’ll stop cluttering up your Email Layouts area while keeping the associated campaign(s) and data intact.

Larger fixes

There was a bug with our new drag-and-drop editor where emails including images uploaded and added via the editor (rather than hosted elsewhere) were arriving in spam or showing a phishing warning. This wasn’t good at all, but is now fixed. All existing and future emails created in the drag-and-drop editor no longer have this issue.

Throughout the month, we deployed lots of incremental changes to ensure our compliance with GDPR, including the ability to export all data associated with a single person.

Smaller fixes and improvements:

Drag-and-Drop Editor

  • When building emails in our drag-and-drop email editor, links clicked in Preview were opening empty pages. Now they’ll actually open the link assigned to them.
  • Occasionally, the drag-and-drop save button wouldn’t show up after changes were made in the body of a message. Hopefully, we squashed that one, and we implemented some additional error tracking in case it spooks us again.
  • An unsubscribe link wasn’t initially displaying in our drag-and-drop preview. Meanwhile, the Review Links button wasn’t appearing in the UI, either. Both are now appearing as they should!
  • Read-only users can now no longer edit drag-and-drop emails.


  • Deployed a fix to our test emails API endpoint. This means we’ll return more useful information when your from- address is invalid.
  • Added copy to a campaign’s all-time metrics view in the campaign’s Overview, to clarify that they include metrics from deleted emails.

all-time metrics include deleted emails

  • Improved saving behavior for actions and templates, to make sure that the action you’re editing will save when you want it to.
  • Some accounts weren’t assigned our default whitelabel domain during account creation. We’ve fixed that!
  • Exports now have human readable timestamp columns in the delivery exports for:
    • created
    • sent
    • delivered
    • opened
    • clicked
    • converted
    • bounced
    • spammed
    • unsubscribed
    • failed
  • And in the customer exports (when exporting All Attributes) for:
    • _created_in_customerio_at
    • _last_visit
    • _last_emailed
    • _segment:[segment id]

Sprucing up

We improved how we process event counts to make them faster! Plus we made performance improvements for delivery metrics logging, account creation, and faster building of segments with lots of conditions.

We also built some fun data interactives, which lets anyone see the power of’s message personalization for both transactional and behavioral emails!

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