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March Release Notes

This month, we focused on giving you control over all the data stored and generated by with a new interface for data warehouse integrations, helping you export and use your data in your business intelligence stack. 

Read on to learn more about this and other features we shipped last month.

What’s New?

Data Warehouse Sync UI

We added an interface for data warehouse integrations, putting you in control of the types of data you want to export and where you want to export your data. Data warehouse integrations let you export your data in bulk, so you can take advantage of your complete data set in Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and other business intelligence or CRM platforms.

To set up a data warehouse integration, go to Integrations > Databases and select the platform you want to export data to.

This month, we added the option to disable link tracking in the drag-and-drop editor, so you can exclude unsuccessful click outcomes, like custom unsubscribe clicks, and maintain an accurate click rate. To disable link tracking, just add the untracked class to the button, image, or text link that you don’t want to track.

Search for Team Members in your Workspace

You can search for team members in your workspace settings, making it easier to determine who has access to your workspace, especially when you have a large team.

That’s a wrap for now. We’ll see you next month! In the meantime, follow on Twitter to get updates about the latest releases and improvements. Questions? Comments? Send them to