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March Release Notes

March brought the first day of spring and lots of great feedback from you on how we can improve This month, we worked on some of those requests pertaining to newsletters and kicked off the first of many exciting changes coming to campaigns.

New Features

Per-User Data in API Triggered Broadcasts

We heard you when you said you wanted to make newsletters more personalized. API Triggered Broadcasts are great when you need to message one-to-many users, but now you have the capability of including custom data for each recipient—think voucher code or personalized product recommendations.

You previously either had to do a mass update of profiles or send us a ton of events to do a single broadcast where each person gets some custom bit of data. This can be a total pain when you’re trying to get all those recommendations updated in CIO and then send the broadcast. Now, you have the option to include a per_user_data attribute (for up to 10,000 recipients) or a data_file_url attribute in order to do this in one step.

Campaign Unsubscribe Setting

Have you wanted more flexibility and visibility with unsubscribed settings within your entire campaign? You now have the option to set a campaign default to “send messages to unsubscribed users” rather than having to change it for every action within your workflow.

Before this, Event Triggered campaigns defaulted to sending to unsubscribed and Segment Triggered did not. Now, neither campaign type defaults to send to unsubscribed.

Smaller Improvements

  • API Key Authentication is now available when using Custom SMTP via SendGrid. Switching to this is necessary when 2FA is enabled on the SendGrid account.
  • Included a “View in Delivery Log” link (on hover) in dashboard tabs to quickly see a filtered delivery log for each channel.
  • Exporting delivery data is now in a separate queue so it doesn’t block segment updating or other exports from processing.
  • Fixed a bug where UI filters weren’t working for viewing API Triggered Broadcast deliveries by status.

What’s Next?

In the coming weeks, you’ll start to see some major changes within the app including a design refresh and how campaigns are built.

In the meantime, stay updated with the latest releases and improvements by following on Twitter. Questions? Comments? Send them over to

Contributors: Brian, Kate, Ivana, Matt, Stephen, Waqas, Matthew, Adrian, Kevin, Richard, Kristina, Jatin