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March Release Notes

We’ve got a few big things cooking for you! In the meantime, here are some of the things we improved for you this past month.


We’re committed to being ready for GDPR compliance before May 25, 2018. Here’s what we’re doing to prepare.


  • It’s easy to move between workflow actions now. Just click outside of them! (Previously the only way to collapse an expanded workflow item was to click “close”, which made moving around in the workflow frustrating.)

workflow action UI improvement

  • Exporting people with “all attributes” got a bit faster, especially for accounts with a lot of attributes.

  • We don’t empty the recipient input in the “Send test…” popup after you close it, making it faster to send test emails to the same address while composing an email.

  • You can tab straight from the title (or subject) to the message body for all messages in the composer.

  • We removed the Webhook and Attribute Update action from the Email & Actions settings, and permanently enabled them for all accounts. Time Zone Match is now also permanently enabled, but has stayed on the Email & Actions settings page.

Removing webhook and attribute update action from email & actions settings

  • The attribute filter dropdown in a People search is snappier, in cases when a workspace has many attributes.


  • For adding URL parameters to links, we were using utm_name as one of the default parameters instead of utm_campaign, which is what analytics services like Google Analytics expects. We fixed this and reached out to accounts who were using utm_name in their URL parameter settings.
  • The “Delete all” button for drafts now works for all action types instead for only emails.

  • When using our JavaScript snippet for integration, some API calls for events were failing due to an “[event name must not be blank] error” when events did, in fact, have names. We fixed the JS issue cause those incorrect API failures.

  • Fixed an issue in segment creation: when changing a “has been clicked” or “has been sent” condition to something else, the segment didn’t re-evaluate and update after saving the change.

  • We’re good at math, we swear! Our UI no longer allows you to set a sample percentage greater than 100% in newsletter recipients.

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